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Event and Promotional Services

Our staff excels in crafting and executing turnkey event and promotional services. We work with our client's brands, themes and initiatives to develop and deliver a service that helps them exceed their event goals for attendance, awareness, enjoyment and loyalty. Our unique specialty is being able to staff and deliver this through instant, on-site personalization at events all over the world on a surprisingly modest budget. Every project we do is different and most are multi-faceted and comprised of two or more of the following a la carte services:


Industry Specific Programs: Medical, Retail & Spectator

For over a decade, half our business has been with large medical companies so we are experts in crafting popular promotions that are acceptable under the PhRMA and AdvaMed guidelines, such as personalized educational pieces and entertaining imaging with no physical gift. Click here to download our PhRMA and AdvaMed promotion brochure. Under the new Sunshine Act many of our clients are starting to give gifts again. They should just be less than $10 (and what better way to make a cheap gift special than to personalize it) and we can supply the system to track these gifts against the National medical Provider Index (NPI).

With over thirty years of retail promotion success and a decade of fan photography at spectator events, Ardent also has the know-how to handle their special staffing, customer service and online delivery requirements.


Interactive Media

For two decades we have been supplying engaging, attractive interactive media activities, for those clients that choose not to give anything away. Ofthen they involve photos or video and tie well into later uploading to the client's website to drive traffic, or their Facebook page to make friends.


Lead STaR (Superior Tracking and Reporting)

Event attendees are happy to yield their lead information for something of value, and personalization always raises the perceived value more than enough. When we put their name on a giveaway or photo, prospects expect to be asked for their business card or to have their badge scanned 'to get the spelling correct'. Since it's such a natural time to capture lead information, our Lead STaR (Superior Tracking and Reporting) System has proven very popular and successful. It works on iPads, kiosks or laptops and can record NPI data for our medical clients. With photo promotions, pictures of customers can also be added to your sales database to aid sales reps' memory and enable recognition gifts at a later date.


Photography, Printing, Video and Web Hosting


Nothing captures the moment like a picture or video, especially when made extra memorable with fun ‘green-screen’ backgrounds or visiting VIPs such as Santa or a baseball star. Our green-screen technology allows us to superimpose attendees into any scene imaginable and print it out in seconds. We can use your graphics as backgrounds or our design team can create custom graphics with your logo, theme or message. Our onsite photo activities involve attendees in your booth or event, gives you time to chat, sends them away with a branded photo memento and can also drive traffic to your website for picture downloads. Your photo promotion will benefit from our advanced equipment, expertly operated by our professional staff who preview photos before printing to ensure every one is picture-perfect!


Laser or Diamond-Tip Engraving


Ardent engraves names or initials on a huge variety of products, on-site, for a wide range of clients. Our diamond-tip engravers yield a precise yet glistening result on any shiny metal surface. For almost every other surface, including wood, leather, glass, plastic, paint and satin metals, our compact yet powerful laser engravers do a beautifully clean and accurate job. Both can be set up to operate discretely or, for those wanting to add to the attraction, many attendees are mesmerized by the robotic action of the diamond-tip engraver or the laser appearing to write your name in colorful flames (in its sealed, ventilated, safety-interlocked enclosure). We have your onsite engraving needs covered.


Debossing or Foil Printing


Debossing is where initials are hot pressed into leather or vinyl and it often delivers the classiest look on upscale, leather-bound goods. Our industrial-grade foil printers produce a similar result except the letters are neatly formed from gold, silver or colored foil to really stand out. Either way the results are impressive!


Thermal Image Transfer or Embroidery


We have thermal transfer equipment that enables us to put pictures or any other image on ceramics such as coffee mugs or fabrics like t-shirts. Alternatively we can embroider names, initials or logos onto clothing or other fabrics.


Security Badging


Over 2/3 of tradeshow attendees admit they have used someone else's badge to get into a show at least once in their career. Because of that, and heightened security, tradeshow and conference hosts are starting to require photo nametags. Ardent Impressions can provide photo nametags for event attendees and we also produce security badges for all the employees of several large companies.


Offsite Production and Fulfillment in our Facilities


When the attendance list is known in advance, say for a company sales or customer advisory meeting, we can personalize thank-you gifts or awards ahead of time in our facilities. This saves money since it is less expensive to ship the goods than the staff and equipment. Offsite production is also often used in combination with tradeshows or conferences where we use Lead STaR to capture the leads, personalize the gifts in our facilities then ship them either directly to the end-customer or to their sales rep so they have a reason to visit.